Say It Before It’s Too Late: Love’s a Two-Way Street

Filipino couples often argue about domestic chores. Three-quarters of the women do more of the housework or look after the children more compared to only a third of the men. Could listening and understanding provide a better way? Watch and find out.

If you’re a parent, your children are probably at the center of your world. They are your pride and joy, and fill you with fulfilment and happiness. As you walk around with your kids, you’ll probably come across equally proud parents. And it’s no wonder -- Filipino parents have higher relationship scores with their children than any other country in the Asian region.

Say It Before It’s Too Late: Arguably Stressed

Money issues affect most Filipinos, especially when it comes to saving for retirement and financial security for their family. Could listening and understanding provide a better way? Watch and find out.

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Today’s fast-paced world brings with it many stresses, which sometimes affects the way we deal with our partners. Long hours at work, demanding bosses, money woes, traffic – all these can negatively impact your relationship with your significant other.
Friends are one of life’s biggest gifts –they make good times better and the hard times easier. Among Filipinos, friends are highly valued. In fact, the relationship score that Filipinos have with their best friends is the highest in the region. Think of the “ bayanihan” spirit that has come to epitomize Filipino relationships, and you’ll understand the deep, important role that friends play in your life.