Say It Before It’s Too Late: Parental Guidance Needed

In China, most parents worry for their children’s future and stress about guiding them through better education. But who, in turn, guides the parents when their relationship deteriorates due to the unending pressure? Watch, as this couple figures it out, and finds their way back to each other.

According to a 2015 report by , there was a total of 164 million middle-class people in China, with figures expecting to double up to 350 million by 2030. Despite more and more people making their way up to middle class, this achievement fails to provide them with a strong sense of security.

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CITIC-Prudential Life has released its latest CITIC-Prudential Relationship Index (CPRI), shedding light on what makes and breaks relationships of a fast-paced society.
According to the 2017 CITIC-Prudential Relationship Index (CPRI), China has come last in the region-wide study on relationships, which covers nine Asian markets.