Say It Before It’s Too Late: Planning For Us

Many Malaysian parents prioritize their children’s education as one of their main financial goals. However, planning for these costs can sometimes cause communication problems. Could sitting down and discussing these issues together provide a better solution? Follow this conversation to find out.

Of the many things in life, the one thing parents excel at is worrying, and this is a fact that most children know all too well.

Say It Before It’s Too Late: Plan Ahead Before It’s Too Late

The most common argument that Malaysian couples have is to do with their finances. Uncertainty and doubts that stem from a lack of communication are usually the cause for such stress. However, could planning the future together help ease minds and forge stronger relationships? Let’s find out.

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Technology has become a double-edged sword in today’s world, adding to our lives in so many brilliant ways, but also affecting our interpersonal relationships.

What Matters Most in Malaysia?

What’s the secret to relationship success in Malaysia? Could it be emotional attentiveness in digitally distracted world, securing the future of one’s children through a better education, or achieving financial security in retirement? Watch and find out.