If Health Is Wealth, We Could Be Richer

If health is wealth, then Malaysians really need to be richer. According to the 2017 Prudential Relationship Index (PRI) 1, as many as 60% of Malaysians are not active at all in maintaining their health. According to the study, Malaysians don’t seem to pay enough attention to their health.

The 2017 study also shows that it’s not that Malaysians don’t keep their health in mind, as 63% are concerned whether they will remain physically healthy. However, thinking about something and following through is a whole other matter.

To Malaysians, mental health is equally as important as physical health as 36% worry if they will stay mentally agile in their old age. More people should pay attention to mental health as a healthy mind can prolong your life.

Another serious matter weighing on as many as 59% of Malaysian minds is whether they will have enough money for retirement and medical expenses. This is a warranted worry as medical bills can cost more than we expect, and therefore falling back on savings would make sense.

As many as 25% of Malaysians worry whether they will become a burden to their families in their old age, and this is compounded by possible medical issues as they age. This is why families need to take care of each other and maintain good health so everyone’s needs are met.

40% of Malaysians also have a tendency to say they want to be healthier, but fail at actually doing anything about it. As the saying goes, no one can help you if you do not want to help yourself, so get moving!

The study also shows that a small percentage of 15% of Malaysians worry about whether they can keep working when they get older. This is why a clean bill of health will help you go the distance in choosing whether you want to work in your old age, which will be a choice, and not an option.

However, you do not need to fret as every little change can go a long way. This is what you can do to keep your health in shape: -

  • Sweat It Out – A little goes a long way, especially when you’re getting older. Walks in the park are good for endurance, stamina and keeping a healthy heart.
  • Keep Reading – Reading will help keep the mind sharp, and reading a book a month will help your memory from fading.
  • Medical Check Up – Regular health screenings are a good way to ensure that you do not have serious long term medical conditions.

On average, Malaysians would like to spend an additional one hour each week being physically active instead of relaxing by themselves, so what better time than to start now.

1 The 2017 Prudential Relationship Index (PRI) involved interviews with 4,600 respondents in Asia, in Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia, who shared insights into their relationships with partners, parents, children, friends and relatives. In Malaysia, 516 respondents between 25 and 55 years of age living in Kuala Lumpur or Petaling Jaya with a monthly household income of at least RM4,000, representing approximately the top two-thirds of household incomes in the survey cities.